Healthy Chicken Tender Strips

Healthy Chicken Tender Strips

Healthy Chicken Tender Strips?

These healthy chicken tender strips are made with healthy oil, healthy flour, and without the guilt of eating fried food.

You may ask, “how can fried foods be healthy”? First, Let’s discuss the alternative ingredients below that make for healthier chicken tender strips. Then, you will understand what makes them so healthy.

Frying Oils

Vegetable and corn oils are regarded as rancid oils due to their omega 3 and omega 6 ratios. Likewise, these rancid oils cause inflammation in the body. However, coconut oil and olive oil are the best choices with good omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. Perfect for a health conscious diet.

Cooking Flours

For frying, coconut and almond flour are the most nutritious nut flours to use.

Coconut and almond flour make great healthy substitutes for frying food and are the most nutritious.

In conclusion, If you are frying food, coconut flour or almond flour are great substitutes.

Healthy Chicken Tender Strips Recipe:

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  • 2 Organic Chicken Breast cut into strips
  • 2 Free range eggs beaten
  • 1 cup almond flour or coconut flour
  • 6 teaspoons coconut oil (health factor recommendation)
  • Seasonings of your choice


  • Firstly, mix the flour and seasonings in a bowl and set to the side.
  • Secondly, dip chicken tender strips into the beaten egg.
  • Thirdly, coat the chicken with the flour mixture.
  • Fourthly, heat 6 teaspoons of coconut oil in frying pan and melt on medium low heat.
  • Lastly, fry until golden brown on both sides. Enjoy!